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What is Wrong with My AC?

AC Components There are many components to an air conditioner unit. In order to trouble shoot what is wrong with my ac? First you must know these parts. We will go over all components. From the thermostat to the condenser coils. This will help you learn about your ac, and help you trouble shoot any […]

Trane AC

Trane Air Conditioners: A Cost vs. Quality Comparison

Trane Air Conditioners When comparing cost vs quality in a new air conditioner unit you should do some research before choosing. If your interested in Trane air conditioners you will find that they are the same as American Standard, just more expensive. They are manufactured in the same facility right next to each other. The […]

Best A/C Company in South Florida?

When it comes to A/C companies in South Florida, everyone wants the best. Not all HVAC technicians are the same. When searching for an A/C company, look for these things to help you decide which is best for you. Smaller air conditioning repair companies tend to be more personal, hands on and respectful. Of coarse […]

How Central AC Boosts Home Prices and Property Values

How Central AC Boosts Home Prices and Property Values Central AC is a great thing especially when you live in South Florida. When comparing central ac vs a self standing unit or duct less ac. The central ac systems blows the self standing unit back to the ice age. Although the central ac cost more […]

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Broken AC in Florida Summer: Repair or Replace?

Broken AC In Florida Summer: Repair or Replace? Living in Florida having an air conditioner is a necessity, especially during the hot, humid months of summer. If you are asking your self should I repair or replace my broken ac? I would say use your best judgement. Put together a list of pros and cons. […]

Best Air Conditioning Filters for Allergies

If Allergies are effecting you, you will want to choose an air conditioning filter that will help remove or reduce the pollen’s or allergens causing your reactions. Here we will help you choose the best air conditioning filters for allergies. There are many different types of pollution that can be causing these reactions. Dust mites, […]

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Thermostat Not Working? Common Causes & Fixes

What is a Thermostat? The thermostat controls both the cooling and heating systems of homes with central heat and air conditioning. The thermostat detects the temperature of the room and compares it to the desired temperature setting. If the room is too warm or too cold, the thermostat requests heat or air depending on the […]


Is Your Air Conditioner Hurricane Safe?

Is Your Air Conditioner Hurricane Safe? Hurricane season is here! Tropical Storm Erika is now safely behind us, but I am sure that will not be the last threat for South Florida. As hurricane season for the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th, there is still plenty of time this year for more […]

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner clean and properly maintaining, inside and out is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life and prevent a costly over haul. There are many parts of your air conditioner that need cleaning and checking on a regular basis, from the air filter and thermostat to condenser […]


Salt Damage to Air Conditioning Condensers

Salt Damage to Air Conditioning Condensers Living on or near the beach can be a luxury. Beautiful, sunny beach days,  taking a dip in the ocean on a hot day, feeling that nice ocean breeze can be amazing. There is nothing like it, but what you may not consider is how harmful that great ocean […]